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Certificates Of Analysis

At Sugar & Kush we're fully commited to transparency, which is why we provide third-party lab testing on all our products. We do this to ensure that all consumers and regulatory bodies can easily access all of our product information. Each product sold by Sugar & Kush has a corresponding Certificate of Analysis that can be accessed from this page.

Hemp Oil Tinctures
Bubblegum 500mg Oil Drop
Bubblegum 1000mg Oil Drop
Bubblegum 3000mg Oil Drop
Cotton Candy 500mg Oil Drop
Cotton Candy 1000mg Oil Drop
Cotton Candy 3000mg Oil Drop
Hazelnut 500mg Oil Drop
Hazelnut 1000mg Oil Drop
Hazelnut 3000mg Oil Drop
Orange Creamsicle 500mg Oil Drop
Orange Creamsicle 1000mg Oil Drop
Orange Creamsicle 3000mg Oil Drop
Strawberry 500mg Oil Drop
Strawberry 1000mg Oil Drop
Strawberry 3000mg Oil Drop
Unflavored 500mg Oil Drop
Unflavored 1000mg Oil Drop
Unflavored 3000mg Oil Drop
Vanilla 500mg Oil Drop
Vanilla 1000mg Oil Drop
Vanilla 3000mg Oil Drop
Pumpkin Spice - 500mg
Pumpkin Spice - 1000mg
Sugar Scrub
Sugar Scrub 200mg
Whipped Body Butter
Body Butter 200mg
First slide
Chocolate Bar
Cookies and Creame
Dark Chocolate
Milk chocolate