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Hemp for My Mother

The more I read about Hemp oil and its potential uses, the more intrigued I become with the vast potential of Hemp. For the longest time my mother has been unhappy with the prescription medications her doctor has been prescribing her. She tried changing her diet and adding exercise, and while those things did help, she still had some pretty bad flare ups. So, now what?

I love my mother but to give you an idea of what we’re dealing with here, she gets nervous about drinking the occasional espresso because she worries about caffeine. Selling her on the idea of trying Hemp edibles was no easy task. She had a ton of questions like; How does Hemp make you feel? What are the side effects of Hemp gummies? Will I fail a drug test if I take Hemp?

How I explained it to my mother is how I’ve explained Hemp to anyone who has read one of my blog posts in the past. I couldn’t tell her how Hemp was going to make her feel specifically. As long as she was using Hemp gummies from a company that uses third party lab testing from ISO 17025 certified labs like Sugar and Kush, there should be no THC to trip her up if for some reason she was drug tested.

S&K Hemp tinctures help with pain and it's Hemp for women of all ages

She was wary, but she eventually put her faith in what I was telling her and she tried both the Sugar and Kush Hemp oil and 500mg Hemp gummies. While it did not cure my mom, using quality pure Hemp oil and Hemp products has been an eye opening experience. For both my mother and myself, we view that as a win.