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Understanding Hemp vs Other Cannabinoids

While Sugar and Kush Hemp products are all made with a pure isolate so that other cannabinoids are not present, that does not mean that we have no interest in other cannabinoids. THC is the most well-known cannabinoid. It is psychoactive and typically, if you ever take a Hemp oil drug test, it is THC that you are actually being tested for.

Some other Hemp brands do offer products that contain trace amounts of THC. In some instances those trace amounts have been enough to cause people to fail drug tests. We are looking to provide the benefits of Hemp without any possibility of our customers failing drug tests or feeling any sort of high feeling.


There is another cannabinoid that is catching a lot of attention lately, THCV. The first thing you will immediately notice is that there is only 1 letter difference between THCV and THC, but they are in fact 2 different cannabinoids. Like THC, THCV does bind to CB2 and CB1 receptors and can create a euphoric feeling that is supposedly different than the one created by THC.

Current research on THCV suggests that it may also be an appetite suppressant, though much more research is necessary to understand its efficacy or any negative side-effects. Funny enough, cannabis consumption is often thought to trigger what is known as the munchies, so to discover that one of its cannabinoids may also suppress the urge to eat is interesting.

Many people focused on their physical fitness have added Hemp tinctures and other Hemp products into their daily routine. If it turns out that THCV can help people lose weight, then people working towards meeting their fitness goals have yet another reason to look at the cannabis plant. The right Hemp dosage is also an important element to consider. A Hemp 1000mg tincture or a Hemp 3000mg tincture will yield different mgs of Hemp per 1 ml dropper full. Make sure to journal your results and find the right dose for you.

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