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Sugar and Kush Snickerdoodle Hemp Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Looking for a delicious Hemp recipe?

This dessert recipe is easy to make and helps you to get the maximum benefits of Hemp by adding Vanilla Hemp Oil to our Snickerdoodle Hemp Cookies.

Adding with a touch of ice cream to cool off on a hot day or for a little snack before going to bed, so you give your body a dose of Hemp!



*1 Bag Sugar and Kush Hemp Cookies in Snickerdoodle
*¾ Cup Sugar
*⅛ tsp Salt
*3 tbsp Cornstarch
*4 Cups Fat Free Half and Half
*2 Large Egg Yolks
*3 tsp Vanilla Extract
*1 tsp Sugar and Kush Hemp Oil in Vanilla (Optional)


1 - In a large saucepan, combine Sugar, Cornstarch and Salt.
2 - Slowly add Half and Half. Stir until well mixed.
3 - Over Medium Heat, gently bring to a boil. Continuously stir until thick - about
2 minutes. Immediately remove from heat.
4 - Stir in Vanilla Extract and Sugar and Kush Hemp Oil and mix.
5 - In a Large bowl, add ice and water. In another bowl, pour in mixture and place on top of ice bowl to gently cool mixture. Stir continuously for about 2 minutes.
7 - Cover ice cream mixture with plastic wrap and keep in refrigerator for several hours or overnight.
8 - Remove from refrigerator and pour contents into an ice cream maker.
9 - Scoop out ice cream and place in between two Sugar and Kush Snickerdoodle Hemp Cookies.
10 - Enjoy!