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Some Hemp Products are Out of Control

It is officially 2020 and I have to say that taking a step back after a full year and looking at the Hemp industry as a whole, I can understand why it is facing some criticism. It feels like companies are putting Hemp into every kind of product imaginable. The mystery behind Hemp is pulling a lot of people in and the world of marketing is taking full advantage. Beyond that, there are other problems with many of the Hemp products you can find out there.

Here are some of the criticisms I have read about on a consistent basis:

  • Inaccurate labeling of Hemp concentrations
  • No third party Hemp lab testing
  • Unfounded medical claims
  • Failing drug tests due to THC content
  • Products offering no Hemp bioavailability

Hemp candles will have no Hemp bioavailability and therefore are worthless Hemp products.

I have read about some companies that sell Hemp infused candles. Candles? How in the world could anyone experience any potential benefits of Hemp by burning a candle? It is true that our olfactory senses certainly do affect the way we feel. Certain smells can induce a calming feeling along with other moods. But, I am not aware of any particular smell that comes from Hemp isolates. The terpenes in cannabis flower are what creates the pungent smells from the plant, but Hemp is not a terpene. When Hemp is extracted from hemp oil, it is isolated and should not include any other compounds.

A writer from decided to test out a bodysuit infused with Hemp that claimed it would help her with workout soreness. Like me, she had taken note of the incredible, bordering on ridiculous, variety of products out there containing Hemp and questioned that they could all be effective.

After nearly 100 total hours of sitting, running, cycling, and sweating in CBD, I can honestly say I felt no discernible effect—even a moderate one—with the Hemp outfit. It did not cause “a new obsession.” I found that the workouts with the suit were not any easier or less painful than the ones without. Most of the days I just felt warm because I was wearing two layers of clothes. This was especially helpful when, wearing the bodysuit, I met up with some friends to wait outside in a line for a brunch spot with killer mimosas. It was especially unhelpful anytime I wanted to use the restroom.

Using a Hemp body suit while in a public bathroom may be a little crazy.

It is important to understand bioavailability when it comes to CBD. Our bodies need to be able to absorb the Hemp so that our blood flow can effectively deliver it. Inhaling a Hemp vape using the lungs as a delivery system which allows the Hemp to immediately enter the bloodstream. Hemp oils taken under the tongue, or what is often referred to as sublingual, is also a way for Hemp to be delivered to the bloodstream. Those are two very bioavailable methods of taking CBD. If you eat Hemp cookies or Hemp gummies, your body needs to digest it and the liver metabolizes it, which is why it takes longer for it to enter the bloodstream. Hemp topicals take longer because Hemp is not absorbed through the skin as well as other delivery methods.

It is time for the Hemp industry as a whole to put its customers first. All Hemp products should have a high bioavailability and considering Hemp is meant for wellness, all Hemp products should be made healthy. All of Sugar and Kush Hemp products are tested by a third party Hemp lab with an ISO 17025 certification so our customers know the concentration of Hemp on the certificate of analysis is accurate. Our Hemp products are keto-friendly too, made with a monk fruit sweetener so that they taste great too. We offer many entirely sugar free Hemp products. Wherever the Hemp industry is going, we always plan to put our customers first.