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Six Ways Aromatherapy Can Benefit Your Health

Aromatherapy is one of the most calming, effortless ways to give your body a break. With just a few simple whiffs of carefully chosen scents, your mind and body will be thanking you from head to toe. Below, we’ve listed six ways specifically that aromatherapy has been known to benefit your health.

#1: Helps You Manage Pain

Here is a man facing away from us without a shirt on at the doctors being looked at for back pain.

Studies have shown that aromatherapy proves beneficial in assisting in pain management. Certain scents have been linked to reduced inflammation, headaches, and even abdominal cramps like during menstruation. Lavender, for example, has demonstrated both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties when inhaled, creating significant relief with little effort.

#2: Boost Immunity

Aromatherapy has been proven to boost your immune system, giving your body the support it needs to fight off harmful bacteria, infections, and leave you feeling your absolute best. Certain essential oils have been known to demonstrate not only anti-fungal properties, but anti-bacterial and antiviral ones, too. With this, your body is able to easier defend itself against harmful pathogens and ward off anything your immune system doesn’t want to take on.

Not only can aromatherapy help protect your immune system, but it can also help boost and stimulate it; during a time like this, all of our systems could use a bit of a boost. Who knew it could be done through the scents of calming herbs and spices?

#3: Promotes Calm, Relaxation

This woman has her eyes closed and exhales to calm down while she draws her hand down in front of herself.

Aromatherapy is most commonly utilized to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels naturally. Studies have shown that aromatherapy can actually alter your brain waves, reducing the perception of stress through decreased levels of cortisol, your body’s main stress hormone. With reduced production of cortisol, your body can better manage stressors and control what’s worth getting worked up over, and what’s not. This will not only promote a feeling of calm, but likely a feeling of contentment, too.

#4: Enhances Your Mood

Speaking of contentment, have you ever tried getting work done next to the relaxing scents of a lit candle? Or enjoying the read of a nice book alongside an aromatic scent diffuser? Nothing will lift your spirits more than the smells and scents of calming aromatherapy. By connecting with the olfactory bulbs in your nasal cavity, messages can be sent to the brain, enhancing your mood and boosting positive thoughts and emotions.

#5: Aids in Digestion

Along with boosting your mood and promoting relaxation, aromatherapy can also help with digestion. The aromas signal triggers in your brain that tell your stomach to prepare for digestion, altering juices to flow, and helping the digestion process act smoother and more natural. If you’re someone who struggles with nausea or has a hard time building an appetite, try enjoying aromas that have appetizing, appealing underlying notes. It may sound strange, but the smells of black pepper could be all you need to enjoy your dinner the way you deserve.

#6: Helps You Sleep

With aromatherapy’s ability to calm the mind, reduce pain, and bring contentment unlike most substances, the combination of it all makes for an ideal sleep aid. Your muscles are able to relax just as much as your mind, allowing for the perfect recipe for a deep, relaxing night of sleep. Essential oil diffusers are a great way to give your nose a whiff of calm all night long.