How Hemp Cookies Helped Me Deal with Quarantine

How Hemp Cookies Helped Me Deal with Quarantine

The package of Hemp cookies in front of me feels more like Wilson the volleyball from the movie Castaway than a package of snacks. Being in quarantine stinks! I would rather be stranded on a tropical island because then I would at least be outside more often. Going outside now just unnerves me. Walking down the narrow hallways of my apartment building, riding elevators and trying to stay six feet away from everyone while wearing a surgical mask is not my idea of “getting out.”

My chocolate chip Hemp cookies are like Wilson from Castaway for me.

I can obviously talk to people through video chat, something that Tom Hanks’s character would have loved to do during his South Pacific sojourn. So, I don’t talk to my chocolate chip Hemp cookies. What I do is use them as a lever. Let me explain. There are a number of activities I dive into everyday to deal with isolation. Let’s start with research. I vowed to myself when this began that I would improve myself intellectually.


I research the following:

  • I read and watch videos about my profession (When this is over, I am going to be so much more valuable.)
  • I research this virus (I look up what we have learned about it so far, and I also research what other countries are doing about it.)
  • I also research technology to make sure I am using the most efficient tools to make my production faster and better.

While I do my research, whether it is in front of my laptop, with my tablet on the couch or while lying in bed with my phone, my eyes dart over to the cookies occasionally. I know the packaging really well. They are Hemp 400mg cookies and they are lab tested. There are 60 calories in each chocolate Hemp cookie. I have eaten 2 and half of the chocolate cookies so far. I tell myself that I will reward myself later with another half of a cookie once my current research session is over. I have 3 packages of different flavored Hemp cookies.


My home workouts are intense but I can always look forward to my 400mg Hemp cookies afterwards.

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The next activity I participate in everyday is exercise. Oh yeah, I exercise. I have never done more yoga in my life. I take a dropperful of flavored Hemp 1000mg oil before every yoga routine. I go to one of my favorite yoga instructor instagram profiles on my tablet and do serious vinyasa for an hour. I also have a stationary bike and I crank out a serious cycle routine everyday. That stuff is exhausting. Then, I have this contraption that I clamped to the top of my door jam so that I can get some strengthening in as well. When it gets hard, my eyes dart to the cookies again. I think to myself, That’s right. Keep going, and you’re gonna get a Cookies’N Cream Hemp cookie afterwards. Oh yeah!

Family and Friends

Doing video chats with my friends and family during quarantine is nice but sometimes it makes me a little sad.

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I make sure to talk to close friends and family every day too. This might be the hardest part of the day. Seeing them in video chat makes me miss them a lot. I also get mad sometimes. My parents aren’t young anymore and my dad has a heart condition. They stopped telling me what they do each day because I get upset about hearing that my dad went on a frivolous errand without a mask on. It disappoints me that people are not taking this more seriously. But, when this is over, I can’t wait to hug them again. It makes me want to stress eat, but I am not wasting my cookies!


Cooking with Hemp oil is one way to pass time and make great food during home quarantine.

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Last, but certainly not least, I cook. Of course I do. I have become quite the baker. I can even make sourdough bread. I made my own marinara sauce and put it in omelettes, my homemade pizza and lasagna. Since I workout so much and I am so damned stressed all the time, I am not worried about the carbs. I want my food to taste good. I look forward to dinner every day and cozy up on my couch to watch an amazing show or movie. I am also cooking with Hemp oil. It doesn’t take much and makes a big difference. I try to be patient and hold off on eating a cookie for as long as I can, but the Snickerdoodle Hemp cookies are a real treat I can look forward to. They only have 15 calories per serving.😉


If you haven’t figured it out yet, for some reason the Sugar and Kush Hemp cookies are like an anchor for me during isolation. I use them as rewards for doing a good job at furthering my professional specializations and my general knowledge of the world and technology. They are rewards for getting in good workouts. I also use them to temper myself. It’s not like I am going to mow an entire bag of Hemp cookies in one setting. We aren’t talking about any regular bag of cookies after all. Just knowing they are there is comforting to me, as silly as that may sound. Hey, whatever it takes. We are going to get through this.

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