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How Alison Brie Uses Hemp

Scientists are currently in the process of researching CBD to determine its effectiveness and overall benefits. Slowly we are beginning to see science come into alignment with people’s personal experiences, but there is still a ways to go. That being said we do have people’s experiences and individual results, so we can start to make some judgement calls that we feel will be supported by science in time. There are a number of articles and blogs that help to support this theory.

Whether you have been working out for years, or just getting into the fitness game, muscle soreness is something we all have to deal with at all levels of fitness. In order to get stronger and leaner, we have to break down our muscles so they can repair themselves and come back stronger. The process of breaking down muscle during physical activity often leaves us sore after the fact. While muscle soreness is to be expected, there are certain tools we can use to minimize.




Putting 1 ml of a cbd oil solution under your tongue from a CBD 1000mg bottle will yield approximately 33 mgs of CBD. You can add some flavor to your dose too with a Sugar and Kush Bubble Gum CBD oil.

Celebrities using CBD like Jennifer Aniston and Whoopi Goldberg are some of the most well known stories about the effectiveness of CBD. Recently, actress Alison Brie talked about how CBD products help her with her Netflix show "GLOW." Her show is very demanding as it is about an all-female wrestling league.

When we put our bodies through the wringer in the gym or out on the trails, we produce cortisol. This particular hormone is catabolic and directly interferes with post-workout recovery. Cortisol reduces protein synthesis and may suppress the growth of new muscle tissue. CBD oil is anti-catabolic which may allow it to regulate the cortisol being released into your body post work-out. This allows protein synthesis and muscle growth to occur more efficiently which means reduced recovery time for sore muscles.

What you do after your workout is just as important as the workout itself. What you eat and drink, along with rest, and proper supplementation all play significant roles in recovery. Adding pure CBD oil to your post-workout routine may have additional benefits that can take your fitness to the next level.