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Hemp Heads to Fifth Avenue

Nothing says pop cultural acceptance like finding something in a famous store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, or the fashion district in Midtown Manhattan in New York. Fashion trends are discovered and promoted in these high priced shopping areas and people from all over the world go looking for the next big thing to spend money on.

The normalization of CBD oil may cross the finish line as the fashion industry embraces it.

People pay tens of thousands of dollars for shirts, purses, shoes, and even beauty products. A positive review from an A-list celebrity like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, or even a Matthew McConaughey can boost a product from relatively unknown to the hottest thing on the market overnight.

Saks Fifth Avenue is banking on just that as they are offering an array of CBD products in their flagship store in Manhattan on Fifth avenue. Estimating the CBD beauty market to grow to possibly $25 billion over the next ten years, the Fifth Avenue store will provide VIP services such as CBD hand massages, along with other CBD skin care, treatment products and services.

The CBD treatment areas will also be a landing spot for education and engagement to bring more people into the CBD fold by providing basic information on the products and CBD in general. By providing an educational component to selling services and products, the Saks team can remove the stigma and doubt about the product while building interest and demand.


The popularity of pure CBD oil and CBD edibles such as CBD gummies are growing every day among celebrities and everyday people alike. People are discovering CBD for the first time after such a long period of prohibition. While the VIP treatment centers at Saks Fifth Avenue are extremely luxurious, others may need a more accessible product such as the Sugar and Kush CBD gummies.

I tend to use the Sugar and Kush tinctures in my evening tea. I’ve also used the edible CBD products during the day. With the constant hustle and bustle of the modern workday, spending time with family and friends, and the push for better health and wellness, many of us are looking for natural alternatives.