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Hemp Eddies: How to Properly Dose Them

You know that we love Hemp. It’s why we have put so much time and effort into creating the healthiest Hemp products on the market. We will continue to produce an even wider variety of Hemp oils and edibles that are lab tested and made with the best Hemp isolate. We also continue to watch the industry, as a whole, manufacture Hemp products specifically for pets. It’s an interesting idea giving dogs Hemp, they do have an ECS, but not one like people possess.

I have talked about it before. A dog’s physiology is different than a person’s. Our own ECS changes regularly. As cells die and replicate, they end up having different amounts of endocannabinoid receptors. Receptors are also located in different parts of a cat or dog’s body than found in people. Their metabolism is different. Much more research is necessary to know how Hemp impacts people, dogs and cats. So, can Hemp help dogs?

We are still waiting on research to tell us how Hemp impacts our beloved pets.

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Based on clinical evidence the short answer is "we don't know yet." However, new research is being performed to evaluate Hemp in a larger cohort of patients to improve statistics and to test higher drug concentrations.

It feels crazy that all the testimonials out there concerning the benefits of Hemp can’t be verified by science. All the same, they can’t yet. Trials are ongoing and some studies have been completed, but none that meet the standards of the most respected in the medical community. Tests on rats just isn’t the same as testing people, dogs or cats. Comparative analysis, interviews, surveys and observational studies are simply not sufficient to back claims.


It’s a complicated issue too. Hemp does not actually connect to CB receptors in the ECS. So, researchers are particularly puzzled by how Hemp actually affects people or their pets. One way or another, time will bring us the evidence we need to understand the impacts of Hemp. We will continue to make sure we only offer the very best Hemp gummies, Hemp topicals and Hemp tinctures on the market.



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