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Hemp Benefits for Triathlon Athletes & Non-Contact Sports

Much of the talk around Hemp and sports focuses on contact sports such as football and hockey. The players in those sports are susceptible to concussions due to the fierce nature of the physical contact. There is reason to believe that Hemp could benefit active and retired players. But, what about other sports? How are Olympic athletes and other non-contact related sports taking advantage of the potential benefits of CBD?

Extreme pain can lead to anxiety, but Hemp gummies for relaxation may help with both pain and stress.Whether you’re a gymnast, a dancer, or even an ultra-marathon runner, Hemp oils or Hemp edibles could be beneficial for you as an athlete. When you are constantly pushing your body to the limit, you are eventually going to experience some discomfort. The repetitive use of the same muscles and joints time and again may lead to a breakdown in the mechanical chain.

Using Hemp gummies may help keep you on the field or on the track. Using Hemp products should not replace seeing a medical professional for serious injuries. It should be understood that proper recovery, such as prehab and rehab techniques, are smart to employ along with a well thought-out fitness or sport specific plan.

Dr. Joanna Zeiger is an accomplished triathlon athlete having won a number of Ironman competitions and placing 4th in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. After suffering an injury she turned to cannabinoids like Hemp and became fascinated with its benefits.. In a recent interview she talked about some of what her research has discovered.

'Hemp products are not regulated in the same way as THC products. Hemp can be purchased at a dispensary where it has been tested. Hemp can also be purchased on-line, at the grocery store, and even CVS will start carrying Hemp products – products purchased in these ways are not necessarily tested. Since Hemp does not have to go through the rigorous testing of THC, the consumer may not have full information on what they are purchasing. Make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable company that discloses a Certificate of Analysis. Purchase from companies that adequately put their ingredients and dosing information on the bottles or packaging. Be wary of companies that are making unsubstantiated claims about their products.'

Hemp products are becoming more popular by the day. You can see Hemp products for sale in your local vape shop, and soon you’ll see them in the pharmacy section of your local grocery store along with other stores like CVS and Target. The regulatory bodies have not caught up with the popularity and distribution of Hemp which means we have yet to see clearly defined regulation on manufacturing of CBD. It is important to stick with companies like Sugar and Kush that use independent third party labs to test their products and provide a certificate of analysis for each product.