Are Hemp Gummies Giving You Cavities?

Are Hemp Gummies Giving You Cavities?

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People are very curious about CBD and its potential benefits. There are a wide assortment of CBD products available on the market, from aromatic topicals to cotton candy CBD vape oil. There are many questions even about the most simple of products like CBD gummies. Easy enough, right? Chew and swallow. But, people want to know what they can expect from taking CBD infused gummy and what sort of negative side-effects they might expect as well. I’ll start with the oral hygiene implications of eating gummies and then touch upon some other commonly asked questions.

The Dentist

Going to the dentist is never fun and if eating CBD gummies causes cavities, that is just no good.Visiting my dentist is never an experience I look forward to. I feel insecure sitting in the dentist chair with the blinding light and lactic acid buildup in my jaw muscles. It feels like they always want to take x-rays which makes me nervous that they might find a cavity. If they find a cavity, then I need to reschedule another appointment, which I’ll dread going to even more. When I started eating CBD gummies, I was reluctant to even tell my dentist.

I am pretty good with my diet and taking care of my teeth. I floss, use mouthwash and have one of those electric toothbrushes that blinks at me whenever I am applying too much pressure. I’ve had a few cavities as an adult, but for the most part I feel pretty good about my track record when it comes to dental hygiene. I don’t eat much candy, except around Halloween. How does a parent not at least have a couple pieces of candy after taking their kids trick-or-treating? But I eat CBD gummies almost everyday.

ADA Perspective

I decided to see what the American Dental Association had to say about CBD gummies. I couldn’t find anything specific about CBD, but they certainly had something to say about cannabis in general. CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. But, Sugar & Kush CBD products use a CBD isolate derived from federally legal hemp plants. There is no THC in any Sugar & Kush CBD gummies, oils or edibles. I found this general guidance on the site about consuming any cannabis product.

  • Emphasize the importance of regular dental visits and oral care.
  • Encourage healthy, nutritious snacks over sweet, cariogenic snacks.
  • Consider employing preventive measures, such as topical fluorides.
  • Consider treatment for xerostomia, while avoiding alcohol-containing products.

The first thing I wanted to know was; what is xerostomia? It’s dry-mouth, or what is commonly referred to as “cottonmouth.” I don’t know about you, but I have never had dry-mouth from eating CBD gummies. Supposedly cannabinoids can interfere with the ECS receptors in the submandibular saliva glands keeping them from producing saliva. Consistent dry-mouth can lead to tooth decay and cavities. As I understand it, CBD does not connect to ECS receptors and since dry-mouth has not been an issue thus far for me, I am discounting it as a real point of concern. I couldn’t find any reports of people saying they were experiencing dry-mouth after consuming gummies either. CBD itself does not seem to pose much of a threat to the health of our teeth.

Common Ingredients

Sugar and Kush CBD gummies are so low in sugar that by law they have to label it as having no sugar.The rest of the suggestions from the ADA are pretty clear cut. Don’t eat too many sweets or junk food and check the serving size. So, that led me to wonder how healthy the Sugar & Kush CBD gummies that have become a part of my daily routine really were for my teeth. I asked Danielle Papajan, one of the founders of Sugar & Kush, about what was in their gummies. “They’re sweetened with sugar, d-ribose and fruits & vegetables. The amount of sugar is so low that we have to by law put 0 grams per serving on the label.” D-ribose is a 5-carbon sugar. It’s the 6-carbon sugars that can really cause tooth decay

There are many CBD gummies and edibles out on the market these days that are packed with 6-carbon sugars though. Spectrum Confections makes jelly beans infused with CBD and Lord Jones CBD gummies are packed with sugar too. It doesn’t make much sense to me that a wellness product like CBD would be infused into serious candy. But hey, what do I know? Those sorts of products are not for me. I don’t want cavities.

Other Things to Consider about CBD Edibles

Beyond dental and general oral hygiene, there are other things to consider when ingesting cannabidiol. It takes longer for the body to metabolize CBD when you ingest it relative to other methods of administration and you should also consider what the effects may be.

Digesting CBD

Digesting CBD may have less bioavailability than other ways of ingesting cannabidiol, but it still works.

I like gummies since they are really convenient and taste good too. I can throw them into my bag before my workday and have them at the ready. Each of the Sugar and Kush CBD gummies have 25mgs of cannabidiol in them. If I need a CBD 100mg dosage, I eat four. Just a quick math lesson for you. But, one of the things about gummies is that we ingest them. A CBD oil taken sublingually (under the tongue and held there) skips over the entire digestive process where we have to wait for the cannabidiol to be metabolized by our liver and small intestine. It can take up to an hour before the effects of CBD kick in after you have eaten gummies. That’s not a problem as long as you factor that into your daily equation.


The potential benefits of CBD are available regardless of how you take it. A little bioavailability may be lost when CBD goes through our extensive digestion process relative to vaping, smoking or taking it sublingually.

    Who Can You Trust?

    So, I am no longer worried about getting cavities after eating Sugar and Kush CBD gummies. I am very worried about getting cavities if I eat most any other brand’s CBD edibles though. Too much sugar bad! I am going to keep brushing my teeth, flossing and using mouthwash. I think I will be good. Seeing a clear ingredients label for a gummy product is essential. If a brand tells you that they will mail an ingredients list with your product order, then you can count on there being a reason why they don’t want you to see it before you buy it. Also, look for a certificate of analysis from a third party lab before you make purchases. You cannot trust a CBD brand that does not have a certificate of analysis.

    Common Questions

    We are going to address many of the questions about CBD gummy bears for sleep and its other benefits.There are more questions about CBD than I can keep track of. It’s understandable since researchers are still trying to understand it. It’s a new product for the world too, even though people have been using CBD for a long time. Here are some commonly asked questions about CBD gummies specifically though. A great source of answers to these sorts of questions come from consumer product reviews, by the way.

    Do CBD gummies cause constipation?

    CBD has been known to cause diarrhea, not constipation. But, people can become constipated from some of the ingredients that are often found in CBD gummies. Constipation is really something you should talk to your doctor about. If you are experiencing constipation after eating gummies, you may want to consider another form of CBD administration. Perhaps you could consider a Sugar & Kush CBD oil and try using the sublingual method to bypass the digestion process entirely. Other than that, please read ingredient labels to make sure there are no ingredients that you may have adverse effects from.

    Do CBD gummies expire?

    Look for an expiration date on CBD gummies to know how long they will last.Well, I could look at that question from two different angles. If you are asking how long before gummies go bad and grow mold. Well, each package of gummies should have an expiration date, but they should last a couple of years or so. Every product is different though, so look for that expiration date. 

    Do CBD gummies have THC?

    Sugar & Kush CBD gummies have no THC in them. You can look at the certificate of analysis to see that. I cannot say that about all gummies in the market though. If you see anything associated with a brand that says something like “full spectrum CBD,” there very well may be THC in the CBD gummies. An unfortunate truth about the CBD industry is that many of the companies have cut corners. They are inconsistent about the quantity of CBD in each product, and sometimes they even take the CBD from the drug-type cannabis plant instead of hemp flower with less than .3% THC on a dry weight basis. The legal kind. If your concern is about a random drug test, you have every reason to be worried even if there is only a trace amount of THC. Especially active military trying CBD for their wellness.   

    Do they help with nausea?

    CBD gummies can help with stomach issues and CBD for hormone balance seems to work well too.There are a lot of CB receptors in our gut area as a part of our ECS. CBD does not connect directly to CB receptors, but it does promote the production of our natural endocannabinoids. To be clear, CBD does not stimulate hunger. That is one of the properties of another cannabinoid, THC.  You will find no THC in any Sugar and Kush CBD gummies.

    How many should I eat?

    If you are wondering how many CBD gummies to take, the first thing to check is the strength of a gummy which is represented by how many mgs of CBD are in each gummy. Sugar & Kush CBD gummies have 25 mgs of CBD in each gummy bear. So if you need a CBD 100mg dose, eat 4 gummy bears. If you are wondering how many mgs of CBD to take, then that is another question entirely. The medical community has only recently begun to weigh in on what CBD doses they think people should consider. A Dr. Clauw from the University of Michigan has put together a PDF with some dosing guidance.I continuously look for updated dosage research. In the meantime, it makes sense to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. Start off slowly and increase dosages appropriately from there.   


    I think CBD gummies can absolutely be bad for your teeth. Not because of the CBD though. I think it has to do with the ingredients being used to make many of the CBD gummies out there. I have repeatedly emphasized that it only makes sense to infuse CBD into healthy products. It is after all supposed to be a wellness product, why not put it into something that fits into an overall healthier lifestyle? I feel confident that Sugar & Kush CBD gummies are fine, especially if you take care of your teeth. With hardly any sugar at all in the gummies, they should not be a problem. If a company is going to infuse CBD into traditional candy full of 6-carbon sugars that can cause cavities, I don’t think you can call it a wellness product anymore. Don’t get me wrong, flavor is great. But, today research has discovered many flavor ingredients that are healthy too, like d-ribose.

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