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Are Flavored Vaping Products on the Way Out?

Here at Sugar and Kush, we only offer healthy Hemp products. It only makes sense to us that Hemp cookies, Hemp gummy bears and Hemp oils should be made to enhance people’s lives, not hurt them. All of our keto Hemp products are low-sugar, low-calorie and low-carb Hemp infused edibles. They are made to taste great, be fun along with all of the added benefits of Hemp.


We do not offer Hemp vape products because it simply does not make sense to us for people to use their lungs as a delivery system, especially for something like Hemp. Not to mention the fact that thousands of people have been hospitalized or even died after contracting some strange lung disease after using vaping products. Authorities still do not understand what the exact cause of the epidemic is, but all the same.

Some states have even begun to ban vaping products until they know more about what is causing the illness in an attempt to protect their people. The vaping industry's problems are worsening as some officials are looking at flavored vape oils as endangering our youth. The governor of New Jersey recently signed the very first bill in the country permanently banning all flavored vaping products.

Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday signed a bill into law prohibiting flavors in e-cigarettes in the Garden State, just months after he called for state lawmakers to send him a measure barring the products as a national health crisis associated with vaping unfolded.

The inspiration for Sugar and Kush Hemp products is one of our founders, Laura Brenner. She became quite sick in her early 30's and found comfort in the pure hemp oils she was making at home. Today, Sugar and Kush only makes the best quality Hemp products that are healthy and made with pure Hemp isolate so that it can be enjoyed by everyone, even those struggling with severe medical conditions.