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5 Tips to Increase Mindfulness

Throughout the day you may often find yourself going through the motions of life and are just repeating the typical scenarios, unaware of your surroundings. Maybe you just want to be more alert in your situation, being able to realize things you normally don’t pay attention to. Besides providing a newfound love for oneself. mindfulness may also lead to a good way of reducing stress.

In order for you to better your mind and become more self aware, here are some tips in order to increase mindfulness.

Understand Your Emotions

Understanding our emotions will help us better understand how to be more mindful.

What exactly is mindfulness? The experts say in order to keep happy, it’s an effective practice of rebuking and correcting negative emotions for more favorable experiences and an overall life. This can be interpreted as once you are aware of your status in life, you are offered the opportunity to feel and be more happy. The next time you feel yourself being overcome by negative emotions, be sure to ask yourself what led to those emotions surfacing the way they did and how you can better achieve positive thinking and actions.

Try Breathing Exercises

This is most often found in meditation and similar exercises help gain the person clarity and a peaceful state of mind. Once you gain clarity and tranquillity it may help one be alert and more open to those around them. This may sound hogwash at first but it’s actually proven true due to the fact when people don’t breathe or relax themselves in any way they cloud their minds with emotions and stress, using breathing exercises help alleviate stress.

Perform Mundane Chores or Actions

When you have the ability to perform such mundane tasks it allows your mind to be able to think while you still go through the easy motions. Being able to perform mundane chores allow you to have a chance at focusing over something not complex.

Think Through the Motions of Life

It's important that you pay attention to how you're thinking. The idea is to avoid latching into particular emotions, sensations, and ideas of the past (and even future) that do us no good. In order to fully practice mindfulness you can’t force concentration on one topic you need to go with the flow and see what your mind comes up with.

Interact in a More In-Depth Way

You can’t just practice mindfulness when you’re at home or away from prying eyes. You have to do this when you’re around others or you won’t really gain mindfulness and close yourself off from really connecting with people. Have more heartfelt conversations that go above the usual “small talk” conversations you experience; you should actually get to know the person on an intellectual level.

A Final Say

As we’ve learned, there are many ways you can increase your mindfulness. Some of them may vary or not be as useful as other ways, however it all depends on the person. These tips are only the beginning to help you gain mindfulness — remember practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment on your journey to achieving a mindful state.