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5 Surprising Ways to Use Hemp


The benefits of Hemp when it comes to reducing stress, easing anxiety, and helping with relaxation are well known — but there are some surprising uses for Hemp that you may not have considered before. Taken orally or applied topically, from head to toe, Hemp has a ton of interesting ways to improve your life!

1.   For Luscious Locks

Hemp is full of omega fatty acids that moisturize and nourish — and some studies show that the antioxidant properties in Hemp can help reduce free radical damage and stimulate blood circulation. If you’re looking to grow stronger, longer, healthier hair, Hemp may be the answer. It can be used in shampoos and conditioners to strengthen each strand — or try using some Hemp oil as a scalp serum to help combat dandruff, relieve itching, and help encourage hair growth.

2.   For Your Smile

The anti-inflammatory properties of Hemp can help reduce sensitivity and pain in the teeth and gums. It also has antibacterial properties that can help prevent bacterial issues like cavities and gingivitis. There are Hemp infused toothpastes and mouthwashes available, but you can also add Hemp Oil to your daily rinse, or try taking it orally to experience the benefits.

3.   For Muscle Recovery

After a tough workout, Hemp can help reduce inflammation and soreness to aid your muscle recovery. Try eating a Hemp Gummy post-workout — or use our Hemp Body Butter to work out the kinks in your sore spots.

4.   For Pain (and For Pleasure!)

Hemp Oil makes an excellent addition to any massage. It’s relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects help ease tension and soothe joint and muscle pain. But that’s not all — it can even improve your sex life! If you experience painful sex, Hemp Oil can reduce discomfort and help you relax & enjoy.

5.   For Beautiful Skin

There are so many skin benefits to talk about when it comes to Hemp. It can soothe sunburn and razor burn, improve results from exfoliating, and deeply moisturize. Hemp can even help fight acne and heal acne scars. It’s been shown to help balance your skin’s natural oil production and prevent the activation of acne-causing inflammatory cytokines. PLUS any skin condition that’s triggered by inflammation can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of Hemp.


We hope we’ve inspired you to dive deeper into how Hemp can help improve your life. Whether you’re interested in some new Hemp skincare products, or are considering adding a daily dose of Hemp Oil to your routine, Sugar & Kush has you covered with the good stuff.


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