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What People are Saying About Hemp on Social

In this day and age, social media seems to control practically everything. Influencers talk about Hemp letting their followers know their opinions on movies, food, and apparently Hemp products and how they use it. Recently, researchers have begun to turn to social media surveillance to help better understand the cannabinoid and how people are using Hemp edibles, Hemp oils and topicals. By searching certain “keywords” to find people who have openly discussed their experiences with Hemp, scientists can see a bigger, potentially more accurate illustration of Hemp consumption and the public.

But before we get into the study, this all begs the question: why turn to social media instead of traditional clinical trials?

People are talking about Hemp edibles and cooking with Hemp on their social media pages.


Right now, we do not have a lot of scientific evidence definitively proving the benefits of cannabidiol, despite its overwhelming popularity. This is largely due to the fact that Hemp is a compound found within the hemp plant which was only legalized a little over a year ago. Hemp's recent legal classification makes it extremely difficult for large-scale tests to be conducted and conclusions to be made based on studies yet. The pure Hemp used in Sugar and Kush Hemp products is derived from the federally legal hemp plant.

Though we have good ideas as to what Hemp is capable of, most of our current evidence stems from conjecture rather than scientific proof.. Because of this, we cannot definitively say that Hemp helps with any sort ailments or health complications. When we turn to social media however, to see how this cannabinoid affects everyday people, we can see a genuine response we haven’t had access to before.

Many social media comments are unprompted and uninfluenced, making them some of the most authentic Hemp product reviews we can reference in the study of cannabidiol. So, while progress is being made to make mainstream Hemp research a bit easier, in the meantime, we can take a look into the world of digital rhetoric and see what the public has to say. The make Hemp oil recipes and talk about whether they use a Hemp 500mg or Hemp 1000mg bottle.

When we take a look into social trends, we often hear and see people discuss stress and anxiety. Studies have shown on Reddit specifically, people mention Hemp and anxiety in about 6% of all comments made about cannabidiol. This lets us know a lot about why people are taking Hemp, but we often do not hear how much Hemp they are taking at a time. Hemp can come in all sorts of concentrations. We offer Hemp 500mg, Hemp 1000mg and Hemp 3000mg bottles of oil.

Right now, utilizing social media-based comments to understand the public’s reaction and general consumption of Hemp is key in educating ourselves further about this chemical compound. As the FDA continues to work towards regulation, turning toward digital comments may be our best indication as to Hemp’s influence on the world currently.

As legislation continues to progress and more becomes known about cannabidiol, we can only hope that our ability to conduct research becomes easier as well. For now, however, continue tweeting, posting, and commenting about your Hemp experiences; you never know how this may affect future cannabis research.