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Tips For Buying Hemp

So the time has come and you’re looking to try CBD oil for the first time. Or maybe you received a sample CBD product from a friend and you want to try something different once the sample is gone. Maybe you hop on google and type in “CBD for sale.” If you are more of an instant gratification type, you walk around to the nearest vape shops in your area and see if they have anything available. Both methods can work out for you depending on what you stumble upon first, but there are some things you should know about shopping for CBD in order to help provide the best experience.

Money Isn’t Everything

If it doesn't make sense, then that is not the right CBD tincture for you.When it comes to price and CBD oil, the price doesn’t tell you much. Whether they are the cheapest CBD drops available or the most expensive ones on the market, they could both be bad, to put it bluntly. To put it another way, just because a manufacturer places a CBD label on a bottle, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is what is inside the bottle. Some do this intentionally to save a buck, which isn’t hard to do.

Put some random oils in a bottle that don’t smell overly offensive, slap a label on the bottle and sell it to random joe for whatever price he or she will pay for it. This happens at both ends of the cost spectrum. A higher price may mean a manufacturer is not using actual CBD oil, but instead spending more on marketing, packaging and brand appearance. Those costs are then passed on to the consumer purchasing an inferior product. As was previously stated, don’t be fooled by price in either direction.

“If you type in CBD on the Amazon search bar, a million products pop up... While some of these products are real, there are hundreds of brands and products out there that contain no CBD, instead containing hemp oil or some derived product. This doesn’t mean these products are bad, it just means that they’re not what you’re looking for.”

Testing, Testing 1, 2...

So, if you can’t go by price and you can’t pick based on the nicest label or best presentation, how do you find the best CBD oil products? Other than maybe fruit and meat, looking at something before you buy it doesn’t tell you much. A new pre workout may have the best packaging with a hot cover model on the front and words like “xplode” and “xtreme” on the label, but that doesn’t actually give you any idea if it actually works. In most instances you pick the product up off the shelf and turn it around to look at the nutrition label.

If you’re shopping online you can usually click on an image of the nutrition label that tells you what’s in the product. If you know what you’re looking for, the label will give you some idea of whether or not the product is going to do anything for you or not. A good CBD manufacturer will do the same thing. A good CBD manufacturer will not only make the nutrition label available but also make an independent third party CBD lab test report available which tells you what’s in your CBD product and how much of it.

While it is easy to get sucked into the hype of CBD and go out and buy the most popular brand or the cheapest brand to get started, be aware of the steps you can take to ensure you’re receiving the best quality CBD products.