Skeptics and Hemp

Skeptics and Hemp

I’m a mother and thankfully my children are healthy and do not contend with any disorders. If they did end up facing some medical challenges, I have always felt that I was mentally prepared to help them through any and all of their struggles no matter how difficult it may be. I think all mothers feel the same. When I read about families struggling with cancer, ADHD, epilepsy or the myriad of other medical problems children may battle, it is always heart wrenching and my deepest sympathies go out to them. 

I know that people in those situations often become desperate for solutions. They get to a place where they are willing to sacrifice anything, try anything, just to help their children feel better. To give their kids a chance at a long fulfilling life becomes their greatest hope. They research the experiences of others that have crossed the same bridge. They see what those people did, but they also see what is unique about their own circumstances, so draw parallels where they can. The search for any clue to point them in the right direction can feel endless.


I know that a lot of hope is now focused on CBD. A lot of hope is focused on the cannabis plant in general. It does seem like there is a lot of potential. There are over 100 active cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, most of which we know little about. We do not understand well how they interact with one another and our ECS to create what is commonly referred to as the entourage effect. The 2 most researched cannabinoids, Hemp and THC, are still not well researched or understood relative to other biological compounds found in other plants that have not been under strict lockdown due to prohibition.

An angry mother from recently wrote an article about the challenges she faces with her son who has ADHD. The article really focuses on all the people that are critical of her methods of taking care of her child. She argues that those people do not know what they are talking about. When she covers the critics that ask why she has not explored introducing her son to CBD, her reasoning is both sound and sad. She does not trust Hemp products with her beloved son.

Many people hope that one of CBD's benefits is that it can treat ADHD, but much more research is necessary.

You ask if I have tried Hemp oil instead of ADHD meds. Um. If you live in my state, you can’t trust that the stuff on the shelves actually has the dose it says it contains, that it doesn’t have THC in it, that it’s pure, that it doesn’t contain pesticides, and on and on and on. So no. I have not given my children Hemp gummies, kthanx bye. Maybe when they come out with peer-reviewed studies. And why would I trust a random grower, and a substance I bought at a headshop, rather than an FDA-regulated and tested substance I bought at a goddamn pharmacy?

She is right not to trust a Hemp gummies product for which the sale is not being regulated by state and federal bodies like mainstream products. There are countless reports of Hemp edibles, Hemp vapes and Hemp oil for sale that have inaccurate labeling. There is a panic that vape pens of all sorts are causing chemical burns and lung disease. The government has failed to put enough attention on creating a well thought out set of regulations for the marketing and sale of Hemp products. The companies representing the Hemp industry have done a poor job of instilling any sort of confidence in its consumers. Anyone interested in Hemp should be sure to look for third party Hemp lab testing from a company with ISO 17025 certification.

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