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How Hemp Can Benefit Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is an ancient practice that’s still alive and well today — and for good reason! Think of it as a mental exercise that reduces stress, improves coping skills, and enhances focus, relaxation, and awareness.


There’s no doubt about the many benefits of meditation, but all too often, it can be a challenge even to start. Whether you’re easily distracted, stressed out, or sore and achy, the most common barriers to a blissful meditation practice can be combated with a dropper full of Hemp Oil.

Improve Focus

If you can’t sit still long enough to meditate, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle with restlessness — and that’s where Hemp comes in. Hemp Oil has been shown to help improve your attention span, concentration, and focus. It allows your mind to rest so you can sit for more extended periods with fewer distractions and let your thoughts roll by like clouds.

Stabilize Mood

Meditation is a skill that you can improve over time. The longer you do it, the better your practice will be, and the more mindful you will become. Hemp helps you meditate for longer by stabilizing and improving your mood. It can help you remain calm and improve the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone) in your brain. The better you feel, the better your practice becomes!

Decrease Stress

No one wants to sit in silence when your mind is screaming with worries. The idea of meditating can be overwhelming when you’re stressed or anxious. Hemp can help soothe these symptoms. In fact, one study showed that Hemp could have a significant impact on PTSD-induced anxiety. If you struggle with stress and anxiety when you try to meditate, Hemp can help quiet your mind and make it easier to relax.

Reduce Pain

Both yoga and meditation have been shown to have long-term benefits for your body, but sometimes sitting in one spot can be downright painful. For those of us who struggle daily with chronic pain, mobility issues, or aching joints, Hemp Oil has been shown to reduce pain and muscle soreness. If you can’t sit still due to pain, the anti-inflammatory effects of Hemp can help improve your meditation experience.

How To Use Hemp Oil For Meditation

When taking Hemp, you may feel the effects right away, or it may take up to an hour to experience the full effect. Plan your meditation practice around the time it takes for your body to respond to Hemp.


There are three main ways to take Hemp before you begin meditating:

  1. Sublingually: dispense your desired serving of Hemp oil directly under your tongue and allow it to sit for 60 seconds before swallowing.
  2. Add to Food or Drink: add your desired serving of Hemp Oil to your favorite snack or beverage. This is the preferred method for those who don’t like the taste of Hemp — although Sugar & Kush makes some delicious flavored Hemp Oil you should try!
  3. Apply Topically: For pain, you can apply Hemp topically to the area to help. If there are no specific areas you’re looking to target, you can add some Hemp oil to your favorite lotion or cream and apply it to your hands, neck, and chest to help you get zen before you bliss out!

Hemp Won’t Make or Break Your Meditation

While many users reported an improvement in their meditation practice, it’s important to remember that it’s called a practice for a reason! To truly experience the benefits of meditation, you have to do it consistently. It takes time and effort, especially when you’re first starting out. So, be gentle with yourself. Don’t judge yourself for getting lost in your thoughts. And if you’re struggling, try adding a little Hemp to help you focus, stay calm, and avoid getting distracted by discomfort. Before you know it, meditation will become a part of your daily routine. Enjoy!


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