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Hemp Tuna Tartare

I love food. That’s it. I love food. I don’t love to stuff my face. I don’t love eating processed grains that my body was never meant to digest. I am one of those people that chews food slowly. I like multiple courses and want palate cleansers as a part of my meal. It makes me sound snobby, but I don’t think that I am. I workout a lot and like to stay fit, so I guess I developed this habit of appreciating everything else about food to try and stave off that desire for that satisfying stuffed feeling. I do not eat a lot of freshly caught tuna because of the mercury, but it is one of the delicacies of the sea. So, here is my Hemp tuna tartare recipe. I hope you like it.


While I like to go to fine dining restaurants, I also love to prepare food at home. It is a real hobby of mine. If I am paying up for a meal at a restaurant, they better bring me something perfect. If it is not perfect, I don’t send it back. I just don’t come back. It reminds me that I should just make my own food and know I will be happy with it. I am obviously all about Hemp and the fact that I can cook with it is amazing to me. I am going to continue to share some of my Hemp recipes with you. What is really easy to understand is that you can basically make any meal and add Hemp to it. Especially with already made Hemp oils like we offer here at Sugar and Kush, cooking with Hemp is easy.

Tuna has no fat, no bones and its unique flavor makes it one of the greatest proteins to cook with. In my opinion, it’s best raw. Making tuna tartare is a practice in blending flavors together so that none of the ingredient flavors overshadow any other ingredient flavors. It is important that flavors blend well together to create a symphony in your mouth. One moment you are tasting cilantro, the next lemon, the next capers. If you can accomplish almost a cascade of flavors, then you will make a tuna dish to die for. If you don’t like seafood, then more tuna for me. We over fish the seas anyways.

First you will need a fresh fresh fresh tuna loin. It should have a reddish-pink color to it and smell super fresh. You will be eating it raw… so. Try and find something locally caught. There are different types of tuna. There are BlueFin Tuna, YellowFin Tuna and BlackFin Tuna. They all vary in size, BlueFin being by far the largest, and BlackFin being the smallest. While each fish has a uniqueness to their taste, they are all beyond delicious. Whatever you find that is locally caught or super fresh will work with this recipe. Here is the list of ingredients you will need.

  • Tuna Loin
  • Bushel of Cilantro
  • Cucumbers
  • Shallots
  • Red Pepper
  • Ripe Avocado
  • Capers
  • Fresh Ginger Root
  • Masago (orange fish eggs you can find in a small jar in most grocery stores)
  • Citrus Soy Sauce
  • Sesame Oil
  • Unflavored Hemp Oil
  • Salt & Pepper

First, I will cut steaks from the loin about half an inch thick. Then lay the steaks flat and cut long strips with the grain of the fish as much as you can, taking care to remove as much of the ligaments as possible Then cut the strips into small cubes, maybe a quarter of an inch on each side. Place all the cubed tuna in a bowl and then set it aside. With the vegetables, I find it is best to chop everything up and place each ingredient in a separate bowl to measure out what you need once you are ready to mix it all together.

For the cucumbers and avocado, I would suggest cubing those as well so they are about the same size as the tuna cubes. Make sure to peel and remove all the cucumber seeds or the tuna will not last long at all if you have any leftovers. Also peel the ginger root. You will want to dice the cilantro, red pepper, shallots, and ginger super small. Make sure to drain the capers.

Now we are ready to start mixing. I believe in mixing to taste. So start slow with adding all the freshly cut up ingredients, capers and masago. Put in an equal amount of each. Add some of the citrus soy sauce and just a little of the sesame oil. Remember, we don’t want to overshadow the flavor of any of the ingredients. The sesame oil is very strong, so if you add too much of it, all you will taste is the sesame oil. And remember, we haven’t added any of the Hemp oil yet. We don’t want the tartare to be too oily. Add some salt and pepper, mix it with a spoon and taste it. Add a little more of any ingredient you think is missing. Once it tastes delicious too you, its time to add in whatever dose of Hemp oil makes sense to you.

Your big bowl of tuna tartare should smell amazing. You do not need to let it marinate for very long. It is best when everything tastes super fresh and the cucumbers still have a real crunch to them. When serving your Hemp tuna tartare, presentation is everything! You can just cut the bottom third of a dixie plastic cup off and pack the tuna in it, or you can use cookie cutters. Once you have it well packed into whatever forming tool you are using, place it in the center of the plate and remove the mold. I will also take another cucumber and slice it very thin. Line the thinly sliced cucumbers around the tartare on the plate. You can then drizzle olive oil around the tartare on the cucumber slices along with balsamic vinaigrette.

In the end this is a recipe you can make your own. Some people don’t like masago. Some people hate cucumbers or capers. You can decorate the plate anyway you would like. Every little bite should explode with flavor in your mouth and you should 100% get the cascading flavors in your mouth. Making this into a Hemp edible adds a whole new dimension to this dish that should take it to another level. I would think about using a pure unflavored Hemp tincture too. In this instance, the hint of earthy hemp should add an almost nutty flavor to the tuna. I hope you enjoy.