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Hemp on Twitter

I’ve already told you that Hemp is one of the most searched keywords on the internet these days. It has surpassed blockchain technology and crowdfunding. It is also all over social media. People are talking about Hemp all over their Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Hemp on Twitter is all the rage. People post all sorts of Hemp related content on YouTube as well, although that is technically not social media. Close enough though. Cannabidiol is everywhere.

Twitter sees so many comments about Hemp oil and Hemp edibles that they have put together data about where they think Hemp is the most popular. You might think that states where cannabis has been legal for years would be where Hemp is the most popular. You might think states like California, which has been representative of cannabis law reform throughout the country, would be where people jut can’t stop talking about Hemp.

According to Twitter, it’s Florida and Utah?

These were the top 10 states that had the most Twitter data on Hemp:

  • Florida
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • Missouri
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Montana
  • Iowa
  • Arizona


    While the geotagged data isn’t all that comprehensive, it’s still interesting to see states like Utah, Montana and Iowa on the list at all. Those 3 states are some of the least progressive in the country in terms of cannabis reform. Perhaps their reluctance to embrace the plant and its derivatives is why they are talking about what for many people is a controversial issue. It’s not surprising to see Florida at the top of the list, or that Colorado, Nevada and New York made the list.

    The benefits of Hemp are still trying to be understood by the medical community. Until we get some more clear cut answers, products made from hemp oil are likely to remain worthy of tweeting about. Well, people will tweet about nearly anything, but that is beside the point. I wonder how many high quality Hemp products they have access to in Utah. They can always order Hemp oil online and have it delivered to their home now that the USPS is allowing Hemp to get shipped all around the country.

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