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Hemp Celebrity Endorsements

The amount of Hemp celebrity endorsements out there now is amazing. Whether they genuinely believe in Hemp’s benefits or simply see opportunity, their support is certainly one of the biggest factors affecting the growth and popularity of Hemp products. Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Wilde, John Legend and Kim Kardashian have a very large following and their fans listen to them.

Perhaps the individual normalizing Hemp gummies, Hemp oils and Hemp pet treats more than anyone else though is Martha Stewart. After her good friend Snoop Dogg spoke with her, she became part of the largest cannabis company in the world, Canopy Growth Corporation. However, she has limited her product lines to Hemp thus far.


Stewart is poised to conquer cannabis as the next frontier of domestic comfort. In February, she announced that she had become an adviser to the Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth, and now she is developing her own range of products, starting with a line of dog treats made with cannabidiol, or Hemp. (Don’t worry, Hemp doesn’t get Fido—or people—high; neither Stewart nor Canopy will say yet whether anything in her line will.)

The arts and crafts queen has a fairly amazing following. What was once a group of quilt loving, creative home cooks and wreath decorators, now includes an edgier crowd after her prison stint for securities fraud. To now include cannabis, again mainly Hemp so far, has broadened her public figure to include a very varied demographic and pulled the baby booming generation into the fold as well.

The endorsement of Hemp products by Martha Stewart, the arts and crafts guru, has helped to spread awareness about the benefits of Hemp around the world.

While the FDA is still trying to determine both the disadvantages and advantages of Hemp consumption, people like Martha are running with the popularity of Hemp products. There is still a lot to learn about Hemp, such as the correct Hemp dosage for individuals to take for optimal effect. People can find Hemp for sale everywhere these days it seems. Whether you are surfing the internet or see a green Hemp flag flying on the side of the road as you drive by, it is unlikely you have not heard at least something about Hemp. If not, celebs like Martha surely will catch up to you eventually.

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