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Best Ways to Store Your Hemp So It Doesn't Spoil

Properly storing your Hemp is key to keeping it acting and looking its best. But, with such a special substance comes special storage instructions that will ensure the quality and purity standards you’re looking for, day after day.

Keeping your Hemp products fresh is important.

Though we don’t recommend you keep your Hemp stored away for years at a time, we can definitely help you keep your products fresh for close to a year. To do this, remember these three adjectives: cool, dark, and dry.

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Keep it Away From the Light!

Too much light can spoil your Hemp products.

Light exposure can be one of the quickest ways your Hemp can degrade. In general, light contains radiation which has the potential to degrade most organic substances. UV light, in particular, is especially harmful to Hemp, effectively breaking down the cannabinoid entirely if exposed to too much.

If possible, you will want to keep your Hemp products away from harsh light exposure at all times. Dark places will be your Hemp’s best friend, so always store your products in places that are consistently devoid of light, or at least harsh lighting. The backs of cabinets, closets, or in basements are typically ideal for this. Essentially, any place that stays consistently dark is going to work great for your Hemp products.

Cool Places are Key

Keep your Hemp gummies in a cool dar place.

Along with dark places, you also want to make sure you store your Hemp in places that are consistently cool. Heat plays a huge role in Hemp degradation, affecting potency and consistency the longer it’s exposed to fluctuating heats. Cool temperatures ensure that your product’s molecular structure and potency stay preserved over time.

Some people may feel inclined to keep their Hemp products in places like fridges, however, this can often be too cool, further affecting the consistency. This is exactly why storing them in pantries and cabinets, especially in basements, are some of the best ways to store your Hemp: they don’t get exposed to too much heat, and their temperatures shouldn’t fluctuate much. Just make sure you do keep in an eye on your Hemp from time to time.

Airtight, Sealed Containers Will Be Your BFF

Put your Hemp products in airtight containers.

The best way to store your Hemp will always be in airtight containers. No matter what form your Hemp takes, excess air--especially humid air--can directly impact the integrity of your product, degrading the cannabinoids completely. This exposure can reduce terpene potency, lessening scents and flavors of your product, effectively changing the aromatic profile entirely. Airtight containers ensure that your Hemp is getting only the right amount of air each and every day.

Whether this is a jar with a lid or a sealed silicone container is entirely up to you; as long as your Hemp product is staying in a place that doesn’t get exposed to extra air or humidity, your cannabidiol should stay acting like the Hemp you know and love.

Cool, Dark and Dry

Storing your Hemp products so they stay fresh is easy as long as you know what you are doing.

When it comes to storing your Hemp, always remember: cool, dark, and dry. These elements are some of the biggest factors that can assist in the preservation of your Hemp products, keeping these plant-based compounds looking and acting exactly as you need. Keep it away from the heat, out of the light, and safe from moist, excess air, and your Hemp will continue to thrive for months on end.